All you need is a “quick stamp”? Well, just hold on a moment – what is a stamp, anyway?

An engineer’s stamp, or “Professional Engineer’s Seal” is a legally binding mark that indicates the documents and drawings are final for the intended purpose and have been prepared by or under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer. By sealing documents and drawings, licence holders acknowledge and assume professional responsibility for the design, opinions, judgments or directions given in the documents and drawings. According to the Professional Engineers of Ontario, the stamp is a “mark of reliance,” indicating that others may rely on the information provided in the documents and drawing.Check out the PEO‘s website for more information.

“Look, I just need a stamp so the show can go on…”

Luckily for you, Epiphany Engineering can do expedited reviews of many designs, structures, and mechanisms. But what’s better than that, is having us involved earlier. If you bring Epiphany Engineering in during your design phase, your crew won’t have to wait while a review is conducted – bring your project to us early so you can hit the ground running!

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